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Workplace Tea & Coffee

Ordering your tea and coffee from us is so easy your cupboards will always be fully stocked. We have all the popular brands – Tetley, PG Tips and Nescafe. Decaf? No problem. Don’t forget hot chocolate – we have that too.

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Our tea & coffee

• Many well-known brands available including Nescafe, Tetley and PG Tips.

• Numerous other products available, such as hot chocolate, sugar and biscuits.

• Orders placed on an ad hoc basis – simply order when you need replenishment.

• Monthly invoicing for all orders placed.

How it works



Choose your hot drink options and select whether you are interested in any other products.


Fill out an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements and preferred delivery days.


Enjoy having your tea, coffee, sugar and other office essentials delivered straight to your office.