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Fruit Boxes

We have two main fruit selections – Essentials and Seasonal. From a minimum order value of £20 we suggest providing each employee with two to four pieces of fruit per week. Your order, however, can be easily customised or otherwise changed at any time to suit your preferences and budget – just contact us.

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Choose your fruit box

Essentials box

Our Essentials box includes a selection of bananas, apples, pears, satsumas/clementines and plums and contains fifty pieces of fresh fruit. The fruit selection will remain constant throughout the year. Pricing for the Essentials box is as follows:


  • 1 box – £20
  • 2 boxes – £35
  • 3 boxes – £48
  • 4 boxes – £60
  • 5 boxes – £72

Seasonal box

Our Seasonal box includes the ‘Essentials’ types of fruit and a selection of seasonal fruit such as grapes, berries, peaches/nectarines, figs, lychees or dates and contains fifty pieces of fresh fruit. The seasonal selection will change depending on availability.


  • 1 box – £24
  • 2 boxes – £42
  • 3 boxes – £58
  • 4 boxes – £72
  • 5 boxes – £86

Order your fruit boxes online, or for more information call our friendly team on 0333 358 3310. The Officedrop network of depots means we deliver to most areas across the UK mainland. We pride ourselves on serving both small and large businesses. Deliveries can be on a regular (e.g. daily, twice weekly, weekly) or ad hoc basis.

How it works


Choose your fruit box, if you want anything that is not mentioned just call us and ask!


Use our simple ordering process and your fruit will be delivered on your chosen day.


Let your employees enjoy healthy, fresh fruit delivered directly to your office.